Nine years and Ninety-nine NSBs! That’s a lot of dancing, viagra canada ampoule and a lot of memories. Over the years, help NSB has come to mean different things to different people. As we get ready to throw the 100th Non Stop Bhangra event, ed I thought I’d share ten things about NSB that have been special to me:

10. The Lesson and Performance

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I love the lesson. There’s something about an entire nightclub full of people moving in sync (mostly), laughing and counting and just having a good time, that sets the mood for the rest of the evening. It doesn’t matter whether you already know how to bhangra or not; for those ten minutes, everyone is in it together, equally. And when Dholrhythms gives the dance performance after the lesson, I see some of you out there, following along! And I hear some of you sing along, too — that’s awesome.

9. The Live Painting

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I’ve posted about this before. If you’re an NSB long-timer then you probably remember watching Marcus Murray‘s live painting session on the upper deck of the Rickshaw Stop (and briefly, at Public Works) as you took a break from shaking your shoulders on the dance floor. Did you stop by at the end of the night to see the finished work? I hope you did. Every month, the results were amazing.

8. The DJs

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We’ve had some of the best DJs in the Bay Area grace the decks at NSB, as well as some fine, fine DJs from outside the Bay Area — including, for NSB 100, Panjabi MC! Some of the DJs specialized in desi music; others came from different musical backgrounds, and it’s been a treat to hear how they’ve approached bhangra from their unique perspectives. In addition to our current residents Jimmy Love and Rav-E, we’ve had DJ Concerned and DJ Sol Rising as past NSB residents as well. Our guest DJs have been far too many for me to try to name them all. I’ll just say that I rarely come home from NSB without sore, danced-out feet.

7. The Guest Performers

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Delhi 2 Dublin made their San Francisco debut at Non Stop Bhangra, and they’ve been back to NSB several times since. We’ve had many other amazing performers on our stage over the years as well, including Bikram Singh, Lal Singh Bhatti, Signia, Aima the Dreamer, Bang Data, and more.
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And do you remember the days of the extended NSB collective? Mandeep Sethi and Mista Chatman on the mic, Hina Patel on vocals, along with Dholrhythms, Bryan Dean on bass, Rup Sidhu on flute and the mic, Rav-E on the dhol, Jimmy Love on the decks, Who else gives you a full-on concert and a dance party all rolled into one?

6. The Baraat Mob

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We don’t have the full-on musical blow-out anymore, but we still have the Dholrhythms dance performances, and for special occasions — the Baraat Mob! As many dholis as we can gather, and as much brass, too: Paul Bertin, Danny Cao, Evan Stuart, Jessie Sheehan, Peter Bonos and Adam Theis have all marched along with us.

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It’s a special experience to dance down the streets of the Mission to the sound of the horns, and I especially love when random passersby (or random drivers-by!) make a u-turn when they see us pass and join along. I wonder how many people have discovered NSB because of our bhangra parade?

5. The Dholis

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Don’t think I’ve forgotten them! There’s nothing that energizes the evening like the sound of live percussion, and dhol most of all. Pavit, Mehul and Rav-E are the heartbeat of the evening. Even when you think you’re too tired to dance any longer, the sound of the dhol will have you back on your feet and moving to the music and rhythm instantly.

4. The Crew

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Beyond the dancers, DJs, and musicians, a lot of other people help to make the evening run. Amar gives us the visuals that brighten the night; Hina, Sam, Raquel and Sharona are the intrepid ladies who work the door. Photographers, past and present, record the memories: Odell Hussey, Shalu Kumar-Narayan, Rom Srinivasan, John Mount, Fletcher Oakes, Peter Booth, and more. And don’t forget all the folks from The Rickshaw Stop and Public Works staffs who’ve tended the bar, worked security, taken care of lights and sound. Every single one of them has contributed to making our event a success. Give them a smile next time you see them.

3. The Upper Deck at the Rickshaw Stop

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Public Works is a terrific space for us, but I still have a soft spot for our Rickshaw Stop days. Rickshaw was the place where NSB grew up. My favorite, favorite spot there was the upper deck, behind the DJs and next to Marcus and his easel. It was a space to schmooze with the rest of the crew, to dance, or to have a drink and watch the crowd going wild on the dance floor below… .

2. The Impromptu Stage Performances

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In particular, the upper deck was the perfect place to watch the unofficial “performances” that were happening on the stage. As many people who learned bhangra from Vicki’s lesson at the beginning of the night, I’m sure many more perfected their skills by watching and dancing with Sumeet, Deepak, Raj, Parwaz, and the others. I learn a lot from them too. The tradition continues at Public Works.

1. The Regulars

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What would NSB be without our regulars, those dedicated people who have shown up month after month, year after year? I’ve seen some close friendships grow up among people who met at NSB, and their support keeps us going, too. Life goes on, and some of our regulars have moved to other cities or otherwise had their priorities change; still the time that they spent with us helped contribute to the energy that defines us. I wish I could have put you all in the photomontage, because you all deserve it. Our regulars make us a community, and in the end, it’s the community that makes us truly special.

What makes NSB special to you? Come and celebrate it with us at NSB 100!